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Toby Kramers : Chairman
Ian Angus
Eleanor Barker
Guy Barker
Dr Christopher Brown
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The Dominic Barker Trust, a charity called Dom's Fund, has been set up for research into stammering.

The fund is in memory of a witty, intelligent and much loved young man for whom the burden of stammering was so great that he took his own life.

Most of us take for granted the ability to use the telephone, to ask for what we need when shopping, or to answer questions at a job interview. But people who stammer frequently struggle to make themselves understood - by those who do not recognise the difficulties and frustrations of stammering.


The Dominic Barker Trust fund aims to:

  • Fund research into stammering
  • Raise awareness of the issues surrounding stammering
  • Encourage understanding in those who meet people who stammer
  • Devise better programmes to help overcome this disability


Dominic Barker

The Trust has funded, for seven years so far, research based at Suffolk College, an accredited college of the University of East Anglia, UEA. Details of the research may be found by clicking here.
Research is now being undertaken by the newly appointed Dominic Barker Research Student, Tamara Davidson, at UEA, in Norwich