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Golden Valley Environment Group

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Who are we?  
The Golden Valley Environment Group was set up in late 2006 to help people who want to do something positive for the environment in and around the Golden Valley in West Herefordshire.

The group is working on important environmental issues that people are concerned about and helping people to do something about the issues to improve the situation

Local ~ Local ~ Local

For every £ that you spend on local services, local produce, local product, whatever, 80% of that cost remains in the local area and 20% of it "disappears".  Whereas, for every £ that you spend on imported services, produce, product, merchandise, only 20% of that cost 
remains in the local area!

So on that note, follow these "local links" and see what is available locally.

What's New at GVEG?

  • Can you remember the last time you had a hearty laugh that emerged from deep within? The Bulmer Foundation and Transition Hereford are hosting two free Laughter Seminars on Friday,  December 12th, 2008 with guest speaker Carol Thompson of the Laughter Network.  Besides the fun element, the sessions will demonstrate and provide information on the benefits of laughter on well-being, and laughter clubs. These sessions would be of interest to staff teams, parents and guardians, students stressed by the prospect of completing assignments, anyone exploring opportunities for developing additional income streams in 2009 or anyone who wants to set the tone for a good Christmas break.  Click here for more details.  

  • The Local Economy = The Way Forward!  In case you missed the November meeting, just follow this link for a recap of the evening:   Minutes from 13 November 

  • Local Business Directory  Following on the "local economy theme",  there is quite a good website if you want to locate a local tradesmen.  It is very simple to use.  Search for local businesses by postcode or select a county from the drop down list.  To check it out, click on

  • Wow!  8 years of Bush is finally coming to an end.   A new era of hope is taking its roots in the U.S. Now is the moment we have all been waiting for. So join the celebration by signing a petition to President Obama, congratulating him on winning the election, and reminding him of his promises to bring change. Take action here.  

  • Press Release:  Cycle Tracks in the Golden Valley   Follow this link and read the latest position on Cycle Tracks.  This press release has been sent to the local parish councillors and will appear next month in the local December publications including the Hereford Times.

  • Damian Culshaw, another satisfied customer says " I used your Green Action account for my Navitron Solar Panel, which is now tuned and working well, when the sun shines.  The immersion heater insert-approach is fine and gets the hot water where you need it!  If anyone else is thinking of this, they really need to use the TDC3 Controller, not a simple one.  I would be happy to give tips on how to set up the controls."  e-mail:  Damian

  • Alan wants you to know more about  Friends of the Earth
    Explore the issues:  Disappearing Countryside, Global Pressures, Climate Threat,  Biodiversity and Biofuels to name a few.  To learn more, please click on the FOE link

  • Sustainable Communities Act.  A new law gives you, your neighbours and friends power to tell Government how to help you stop your community declining.  For more details, follow this link.

  • Community Funding is now available.  For more details, click here

GVEG Current Themes include 
energy, carbon and climate change - we all hear about climate change every day but what is it and what can we do?
transport - it's not easy to be green
waste and resources  - it's a throw-away society whether we like it or not
food and business - local food is one of the Golden Valley success stories and one of the sustainable business ideas for the area
landscape and biodiversity  - it's why people come here and
campaigning and communication - in this game you need to think global but act local - this bit is about the global.

A major driver of the group will be helping reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions - individually, as a community, as businesses and ultimately the country and the world!  More on the local side of this soon (carbon)

How can you help?  In a number of ways - first by reading and thinking about what is on this site, get more involved - if not with us then with another group doing something positive - or take some actions on your own.  You can help our work by using the weblinks on these webpages when you want to buy some goods and services - we work with some selected suppliers and if you go to them through this website (and buy something!) the group will usually receive a little money (at no extra cost to you) to help with our work, in some cases we have also negotiated a discount for you too!  See the Products page.

Dates to Remember

Next GVEG Meetings


All GVEG meetings are open to anyone and everyone in the local area
who is interested in the environment.

Why not bring a friend, relative, neighbour or "stranger" to our next meeting.  
Everyone is welcome.  Spread the word!!  
Hope to see you there.

No meeting December 2008

8th January 2009   7.30pm
 Agenda     TBD

12th February 2009   7.30pm
Tentative Agenda  -  Eco-Buildings

12th March 2009   7.30pm
Community Wind Turbines  &  Solar Panels @ Clifford

9th April 2009   7.30pm
Tentative Agenda  -  Local Produce, Bulmers

14th May 2009   7.30pm
Agenda to be announced

Past Meetings

To read about this year's GVEG Meetings click on  2008 Activities

For a recap of our 2007 GVEG Meetings and Events just click on this link 2007 Activities

Possessions to Lend

Were you ever in the middle of a DIY project and realized that if you only had that one specialized tool, you would be able to complete the job immediately?  Well, your wish has come true!  Just click on this link to find out what is On Offer

If you only do one thing today, consider switching to a GREEN electricity tariff;
follow this link  for more information or go direct to  Good Energy

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This website has been assembled collectively on behalf of the Golden Valley Environment Group. All information has been provided in good faith.  The group and the contributors make no warranty, implied or explicit.  Readers should always satisfy themselves of the information before acting.  

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